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Dive into a realm beyond conventional notions: honey is more than just one flavor. Discover a world of taste at our store, where an enticing array of regular and flavored honeys awaits your palate’s exploration. Our shelves unveil a spectrum of golden richness, from the classic natural sweetness to innovative infused varieties. Embark on a journey of flavor discovery—visit us today and expand your honey horizons!

Laden with potential health benefits, Okinawa honey reflects the vitality of the island’s inhabitants famed for their longevity. From traditional medicine to culinary delight, Okinawa honey weaves tradition and innovation, offering a tantalizing taste of the vibrant spirit that defines this captivating island paradise.

Stop by today and try some of our delicious honey!


Outdoor covered terrace now ready!

Honey Ice Cream Combo

Amazing ice cream combined with manuka honey, comb or pollen!


Delicious honey coated nuts

okinawa honey

Locally harvested Okinawa honey

The Best In honey

Honey Shop offers you not only Honey but also healthy Royal Jelly and Propolis. Over 40 years of experience since we opened our doors for business, with locally harvested honey on offer.

Drop by and try our ice cream menu. We have different flavors to choose from, including vanilla, chocolate and Japanese Green Tea. Top it off with honey, blueberry or chocolate sauce too! Ice cream topped with this honey comb is popular.

In store tasting and sales are available and we ship our honey throughout Japan. Online sales (HERE) can be accomplished but regrettably only in Japanese.

Our shop is small. However, it is okay to visit with a large number of family members and friends. We have limited seating inside but offer terrace seats outside the shop, with large tables, long chairs and umbrellas.

We are sincerely welcome your visit.






Our honey

We stock locally harvested Okinawa honey as well as healthy Royal Jelly and Propolis. We also have homemade ice cream! Don’t miss our honey topped ice cream!

over 40 years of experience

Come and try our honey topped ice cream!

Visit for locally harvested Okinawa honey as well as Royal Jelly and Propolis.

In store tasting available!

Online sales are available in Japanese.

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